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Aluminium Bitumen Flashing Tape

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Product details


Self-adhesive Bitumen Waterproof tape


Crease resistant, lead coloured, self-adhesive flashing tape for general repairs and sealing。 Designed for use as flashing on flat and pitched roofs, on parapets and chimney stacks。 It is also ideal for sealing around flues, concrete columns, roof-lights, guttering and extractor vents。 The strength of facing gives resistance to puncturing and the bitumen gives flexibility and adhesion but without the problems of slump。



Main Application


• For the waterproofing work of the roofing, underground and structural construction joint of new projects, as well as the lap joint and sealing of high polymer waterproof roll;


• For the sealing and waterproofing work of the structural construction joint of subway tunnels in municipal engineering;
• For the gas tightness, water tightness and shock absorption of the joint of colorful contour plate, as well as the gas tightness, water tightness and shock absorption of the joint of the polycarbonate sheet engineering;
• For the bonding and sealing work for the assembly and installation of vehicles;
• For the waterproofing and sealing work for the joint of the steel structure construction;
• The bitumen tape that covers the aluminum foil is fit for the waterproofing and sealing for various kinds of roofing engineering, color steel, steel structure, waterproof roll and PC sheet which are exposed to the sunshine.


Product Features
• Strong bonding property
• Good tensile strength
• Excellent waterproof performance
• High reflectivity of sunshine
• Can prolong the service life of membrane
• Can reduce the indoor temperature of the building

Base treatment →Construction of additional layer →Sheets paste construction by self-adhesion → Exhausting and compaction → Water permeability experiment → Construction of the protection layer


Physical Properties
Implemented Standard:



Thickness: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm
width: 5cm, 10cm
length: 10m
Packing: Carton



After the complement of the waterproof course, pay attention to protect the course and avoid any damage. During the construction and before the acceptance of the project, all the personnel are prohibited to walk above the waterproof course wearing spike.


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