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Entrusted by overseas customers, Mr. Li came to our company to inspect the factory instead of James.


Confucius once said that Is it not delightful to have friends coming from distant quarters.On March 26, 2020,  our company's factory in Taitou Industrial Park welcomed a special guest.



Entrusted by overseas customers, Mr。 Li came to our company to inspect the factory instead of James。 Mr。 Li inspected our factories, production lines, laboratories and warehouses and gave a high evaluation of our strength。



During the inspection process, Mr. Li asked questions about the source material of the coil, the production capacity of the production line, the exquisiteness of the inner packaging, and the foreign trade marks of the outer packaging. The relevant person in charge of the factory also provided a kind and detailed explanation. In particular, Mr. Li visited the new product research and development room and the product quality testing area, and personally felt the gold-like quality of Kintop products.


After the inspection, Mr. Li expressed his gratitude to the relevant personnel and took the initiative to ask us for samples and product catalogs in Chinese and English. He said that if other customers need waterproof materials, they will actively recommend our company.



"Golden quality of service project",this is the unremitting pursuit and eternal goal of all our employees。


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