Price adjustment will take effect on June 10th

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Price adjustment will take effect on June 10th

Due to the following reasons, Shandong Jinding Waterproof Technology Co., Ltd. will adjust the prices of its products for sale in the near future.

1。 Affected by the epidemic, the prices of some imported raw materials increased

2. The new plant is put into use and the company's production capacity is improved

3。 The company's business strategy is adjusted to promote the brand in the form of profit

4. National policy support

5. Changes in major markets

6。 Establishment of foreign branches

7. Continuous enrichment of employee experience and technology

8. The research team is constantly improved, the level of customization is high, and the innovation ability is superior

For specific information about product changes, please contact customer service staff. You can also contact us directly at contact us to get the latest quotation.



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