New product introduction: the release of Geomembrane 2.0

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The new geomembrane will enter the market around the end of April. I hope everyone will pay more attention at that time.

In 2020, Jinding Waterproofing Lab improved the original geomembrane formula. By adjusting the types, proportions and relevant parameters of the production line, the technical indicators of the existing geomembrane have been greatly improved compared to the original. 



Compared with the original geomembrane, the new geomembrane has the following characteristics:

1. Higher permeability coefficient;

2。 Better heat resistance and cold resistance, its use environment temperature is 110 ℃ and 70 ℃。

3. Stronger chemical stability and resistance to strong acid, alkali and oil corrosion

4。 Higher tensile strength can meet the needs of high-standard engineering projects;


5. Longer exposure time while maintaining original performance;



The new geomembrane will enter the market around the end of April。 I hope everyone will pay more attention at that time。



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