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In bathroom waterproofing, the parts that need to be waterproofed include thresholds, floors, walls, washstands, and toilets.

In bathroom waterproofing, the parts that need to be waterproofed include thresholds, floors, walls, washstands, and toilets. If any part is not waterproof, it may cause leakage in the bathroom. As shown in the picture below: the wall is returning to moisture, mildew, and the wall tiles fall off, and often accompanied by odor. This can make the bathroom neither beautiful nor hygienic, and long-term exposure to such an environment can harm physical health.


If you want to be waterproof, you need to do the following 3 steps:


Step 1 : Do your best to find leaks


Step 2 : Use proper waterproofing


  If it ’s a leak in a pipe crack, use tape to waterproof it.


  If there is water seepage on the wall, and no specific seepage point can be found, then you need to knock off the tile and rebuild。

  If the roof is leaking, check whether the connection between the pipe and the roof or the waterproof treatment of the neighbor's house upstairs is not done well. Take different measures for different parts and communicate with the neighbor when necessary.

  If the ground is waterproofed, membranes and coatings are generally used, but it must be noted that the base surface of the membranes must be flat and dry before construction.


Step 3 : After the waterproof measures are completed, a waterproof test is performed. If there is any place where the construction quality does not meet the requirements, repair it in time.


In the later decoration, pay attention to protecting the waterproof layer to extend the service life。


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