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Resistant to puncture waterproof membrane manufacturers: home decoration for the bathroom with the kitchen, as long as the water will do the local water treatment, in addition to the case of rainy days of water seepage, but also many families will encounter problems, especially the old roof Old houses are more prone to this phenomenon, which will cause a lot of life problems. The roof waterproof it is necessary to do a very necessary.

   The first is the quality and design of roofing waterproofing, which will be related to the whole project is good and bad. But often a lot of people in the construction are not standardized, but in the surface layer directly on a waterproof asphalt on the trouble, but I do not know a long time after the wind and sun, the asphalt surface will blister rupture, had to re-construction , A waste of manpower and resources. So the roof waterproofing general multi-purpose EPDM waterproofing membrane with chlorinated polyethylene rubber membrane. Key points of construction include: treatment of the base - construction process - the construction sequence - lap method - pavement special parts of the paving requirements - protective layer construction.

   In the design of roof waterproofing scheme. First of all, the roof of the waterproofing works to analyze the general situation, and then confirm the construction machinery, construction conditions, construction technology, and finally the quality assurance measures and safety protection measures. These are the entire roof construction program of all the elements, all links have a lot of attention to detail with the specific method of operation.
Resistant to puncture waterproof membrane manufacturers: home decoration for the bathroom with the kitchen, as long as the water will do the local water treatment, in addition to the case of rainy days of water seepage, but also many families will encounter problems, especially the old roof Old houses are more prone to this phenomenon, which will cause a lot of life problems. The roof waterproof it is necessary to do a very necessary.
   The first is the quality and design of roofing waterproofing, which will be related to the whole project is good and bad. But often a lot of people in the construction are not standardized, but in the surface layer directly on a waterproof asphalt on the trouble, but I do not know a long time after the wind and sun, the asphalt surface will blister rupture, had to re-construction , A waste of manpower and resources. So the roof waterproofing general multi-purpose EPDM waterproofing membrane with chlorinated polyethylene rubber membrane. Key points of construction include: treatment of the base - construction process - the construction sequence - lap method - pavement special parts of the paving requirements - protective layer construction.
   In the design of roof waterproofing scheme. First of all, the roof of the waterproofing works to analyze the general situation, and then confirm the construction machinery, construction conditions, construction technology, and finally the quality assurance measures and safety protection measures. These are the entire roof construction program of all the elements, all links have a lot of attention to detail with the specific method of operation.


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